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Quirky Quilts

We make your quilts come true!

Leave a Legacy…let us turn your t-shirts into a piece of history you can pass on from one generation to the next.  Quirky Quilts will provide:  quality workmanship, machine quilting by a professional long-arm quilter, and fabrics to compliment your special quilt.  It will take approximately 10 to 12 weeks to complete your special quilt.  Plan early for holidays and graduation gifts (3 to 4 months prior to date needed).
  • T-shirts (quantity of shirts listed in chart below).  Your t-shirts should be in good condition and washed.  DO NOT cut your t-shirts, there will be an additional charge if we have to fix them.  T-shirt squares will be cut to size according to design.  Shirts with a design over 14 inches may be used, but will count as two of your shirts.  The orientation of the shirt may be changed to accommodate the design of your quilt.
  •  We will be using 100% cotton fabric for your quilt.  Every effort will be made to use colors and prints to your liking.  
  •  Label information that denotes T-shirt Quilt significance.  While we are making your quilt, you will be asked to give us information to be written on the label which is attached to the quilt.  It will tell the history and why this quilt is being made.  Please email us with what you would like on your label prior to the quilt being completed.

Pricing is for finished, machine quilted t-shirt quilt (includes fabric and quilting) (does not include sales tax or shipping).

1-2 shirts approximately 16” x 16” pillow                                                 $ 50.00
2-3 shirts approximately 18” x 18” pillow                                                 $ 60.00
12-15 shirts approximately 48” x 48” quilt (Small Lap size)                    $309.00
12-18 shirts approximately 52” x 64” quilt (Large Lap size)                    $405.00
18-25 shirts approximately 60” x 84” quilt (Twin size)                            $505.00
25-30 shirts approximately 84” x 96” quilt (Full size)                              $630.00
30-36 shirts approximately 92” x 100” quilt (Queen size)                        $730.00

Note:  size will change due to the design and shirt size.  We will contact you prior to working on your quilt if it will be larger than the estimated size at time of order.  As of January 2016  we not longer make king-size quilts.

Full payment at the time of order is appreciated.  However, we will accept a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed with the balance due upon completion and delivery of your precious quilt.  Acceptable payment includes:  cash, check, money order or credit card through Pay Pal.

Please contact us prior to shipping your t-shirts.  If you are local (Charleston, SC), we will meet with you to pick up t-shirts.

Quirky Quilts has a web presence through Face Book and a blog , we showcase a picture of the final quilt and sometimes the progress of the quilt while making it. Once you have received your quilt please make a comment on our pages and share with your friends.  If you do not have access to the internet just let us know what you think about your quilt and we will post it for you.  Thank you, for letting us be a part of your quilting journey.

Quirky Quilts
Post Office Box 12225
Charleston, SC  29422
(843) 608-8745

T-shirt Order Form



City/State/Zip Code:


Best time to call:

Email Address:

Quilt size:

Number of T-shirts:

Fabric Description:

Special Requirements (i.e. certain colors you would like us to used or not used in this quilt, you want one of your shirts locate in the center of the quilt)

Size of Quilt:

Price of Quilt:
Less Deposit:
SC Sales Tax (9%)
Total Balance Due:

Please feel free to email us with any questions you have or special requests and instructions.  However materials or starting your project cannot begin until acceptance of deposit/payment.  Final payment/balance due must be received upon completion of your quilt. 

Please sign form if you are in agreement with the terms set forth and mail to us.  We look forward to working with you on this quilt.


Please complete this order form prior to our meeting: Click to print forms

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