Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blast from the past...

Jackie's Baby Holst Quilt
Jackie made this quilt for a friend of ours back in 2004.  She was a brand new quilter and knew no fears about making a baby quilt out of his Father's baby clothes.  Yes, it is made with baby clothes and the backing is a Duke of Hazard bedspread.  Our friend Lynda brought it over this past week so we could take pictures of it.  To say the least-our friend Jackie is amazed at what she did, which is a great job!

Isn't it amazing that sometimes the longer you do a craft, such as quilting, that you might not take chances like you did when you first started.  As a beginner, you don't know any better and will try anything.  Jackie would probably say that I can be like that at times-take us making a quilt out of Air Force uniforms.  Doesn't sound new, but it is when you keep the uniform in tack.

So quilters and friends be fearless, take a chance on doing something new!

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