Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Ya'll!

Merry Christmas to you and your family.  We have missed writing to you and now we need to catch up with each other.  Jackie and I have been busy making t-shirt quilts for holiday gifts, so we couldn't show them until now.  Today we can share two of the quilts that were received as gifts for Christmas, oh I hope they love them.  Mrs. Boatwright asked us to make two quilts for her daughters.  We met at the local Hobby Lobby to look for fabrics and technology stepped in.  We used Skype to talk with the daughters to make fabric/color choices.  We had pulled some fabric that we thought each girl would like before we called them.  So, out of what we pulled one became Anna's quilt.  Then we walked around showing Sarah fabric on the shelves.

The first is Anna's quilt.  She really liked the yellow/blue stripes, so we paired it with cute little six-inch friendship stars.

Anna's quilt
Now for Sarah Wade's quilt with three-inch 9 patches squares.  We wanted them to look like little daisy flowers floating on the blue fabric.

Sarah Wade's quilt
Mrs. Boatwight we hope you love your quilts and your daughters will love them too!  Merry Christmas and stay tuned for more new quilts.  In the upcoming year we have a waiting list already-which is great!