Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So much has been going on.

It has been a while, and quilts have been made, now to catch you up.  Since we have last chatted there have been so many quilts for customers and for the Comic & Monster Con in Greenville, SC this past weekend.  So let's get started.

This is Nancy & Scott's t-shirt quilt, a couple quilt from their Mother/Mother-in-Law.  It is made with t-shirts belonging to the couple.  We used a row quilt style and added granny square blocks.  Nancy picked the fabrics which is a Moda marble and batiks, which is amazing in person.

Nancy & Scott's Quilt
Now this quilt is for Kylee and is a graduation present from her Mother.  Kylee picked out the fabric and she had her mind set that the t-shirts would be next to each other.  You have to love a girl with her mind made up.  It is a queen size quilt and heavy, t-shirt quilts are nice thick quilts.  We told her Mom that if she takes it to college with her, she will not be able to get out of bed, did we say the quilt was heavy?

Kylee's Quilt
Now for MonsterCon, we had a booth this past weekend in Greenville, SC.  We had a great time and met some amazing, nice, friendly, and scary people.  We have some items left so if you are interested in our quilts, pillows or pillowcases.  Check out our facebook page to see our new friends.

Us and Monster Con items for sale
So, as you can see we have been busy and now back to work on a new quilt.