Sunday, March 9, 2014

Well, you asked for it.

Well I (Kim) wanted to write before today to tell you the GREAT news - I won first place in my division of the Cobblestone Quilt Show last weekend.  If you will recall this was a challenge quilt that won first place with People, Places and Quilts.  So very please, and those around me might be having problems living with me and "my award winning quilt".  I was very surprised.

Kim's Sunflower quilt with a blue ribbon
So, back to the show let me tell you my story, because everyone has been enjoying the tale.  I was on the quilt show committee, in charge of admissions.  The show set-up began Thursday, which I had to leave a little early since I had developed diverticulitis, just what I needed to start the weekend.  I had some great volunteers helping me all weekend.  No, I did not win viewers choice, though I picked up enough blank votes off of the floor each day of the show.  My quilt is wonderful, but you and I both know, that there are just amazing quilts at shows and mine would not make that cut.  I did try my best to get the husband votes as they came through the admissions table.  So you are now thinking, what did your family and friends find so funny.  Well, most of the vendors and show committee ended up with food poisoning and yes, on top of me already not being well, I got that too.  When it rains, it pours.  I think this is a funnier story in person, but Jackie was like, write it, tell everyone about it.  So today is the first day that I have been feeling human.

Jackie and I had a work day and got a lot done today.  We have a very busy week starting two t-shirt quilts and meeting a past client to work on a new quilt for her. So check back with us to see our progress.

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