Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy National Quilters Day!

Oh my goodness, did we have a great "Worldwide Quilt Day" here at my house.  Please tell me you at least did some sewing or read a quilting magazine.  Jackie and I worked on two t-shirt quilts and our blocks for the Charleston Modern Quilt Guild today.  We are now worn out.

This is Jackie working on the East Coast Paddlesports & Outdoor Festival t-shirt quilt and I am working on Lynda's t-shirt quilt.  Yes, this is the dinning room table, my mother, if she were alive, would shake her head and then join in the fun with us.  This table has been used more in the passed two years than it has in the forty years it has been in the house.

If you are into paddle-sports and outdoor stuff you might want to attend this festival April 11-13, 2014 at James Island County Park.  We are one of the sponsors of this event.  Yes, I said sponsoring.  If you are wondering how in the world did we get involved, well Jackie works for Charleston County PRC and I retired from there.  But all the staff there know as much about quilting as we can force onto them.  Staff were under the illusion that quilters were cute/adorable little old ladies.  We have fixed that misconception, if you run into them and start talking about quilts.  They will ask if you know us, just say yes.

This is the quilt top using the first 20 t-shirts from the East Coast Paddlesports & Outdoor Festival, which was delivered to our long-arm quilter a little bit ago.  But we wanted to share this picture, because it shows off our new quilt stand.  No more quilts laying on the floor to take pictures.  Of course we will share a finished picture with you.

Today we also worked on our blocks for the Charleston Modern Quilt Guild.  Those of you who are quilters have been seeing this block everywhere lately.  The Missouri Star Quilt Company has a great tutorial on this, except in a bigger size.  They are now publishing a new magazine/idea book called, BLOCK.  It is a wonder and beautifully printed book.  We love it and are planning to make several quilts from it.  So here are our blocks which will be made into a charity quilt.

Can you see the envelopes?  I love this pattern because it looks like opened envelopes and who doesn't like getting cute little notes and cards in the mail.  Well, I think this is enough for this week.

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