Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow or Ice

So, Charleston was closed today for snow or should we say ice.  I know you may think that its funny, but when you don't have this kind of weather every 10-15 years, it is exciting for us.  The main reason for this is due to bridges.  Remember, "Bridges Ice before Roads", and we have a lot of bridges in town.  You do not go anywhere in Charleston without going over a bridge.  But we do enjoy our day or two of office/school closings, then love it when the sun comes back out to melt it all away.  So here is a picture of the "snow" in the front yard.

But, we have small icicles.  This is on a bush outside the front door.  Don't you love the speck of red berries.

Well, back to work on the Harley quilt, just have the borders to attached and to finish the back.  We are hoping to quilt it with this motorcycle pattern.  What do you think?

Stay warm and safe wherever you are.

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