Thursday, December 19, 2013

Time to take a deep breathe.

Well, we finished our last two orders in time for Christmas gift giving.  The first one or should I say second one.  We made two quilts for the Raugh's and here it is.

Raugh Quilt #2
This quilt was made and then remade, or a better way to say it, we cut and pasted new fabric where another style of fabric was used.  Every where you see the plaid fabric was replaced.  But it makes a better memory quilt.  Both of the Raugh quilts were made using t-shirts from a father who passed away.  The plaid fabric is one of his oxford style shirts, which will be an upcoming quilt in the new year.  As you can tell this quilt is not laying flat due to the flannel backing.  It does make the quilt cuddle since it is going to a daughter with two small children.  Can we still say we don't like working with flannel, but we try again and again.

The other quilt which was delivered Tuesday to the Rowand's as a family Christmas present.

Rowand Quilt
This was a quick quilt for us to make.  Jackie designed the layout and it sewed together like butter.  The binding technique is a favorite of mine, faux piped binding.  You can find everything on the internet can't you, even stuff you didn't think you would want to know.  I used a tutorial on TLC Stitches by Trisha, which has great information and pictures of the technique.  If you have tried to do a piped binding try this one, you will be amazed how easy it is.  Another tried and true way is to use Susan Cleveland's, "Piping Hot Binding" book and ruler.

Back to the Rowand quilt, remember Jackie delivered it Tuesday night and it was a Christmas present.  Well, Mrs. Rowand got home with the quilt and gave it to her family right then and there.  She couldn't wait to share it with her family and they loved it.  The picture of them is on our face book page and we would love for you to LIKE us.  The best ending of a quilt story.

Also, something new this week for us, we are now on Instagram.  So it's another way to keep up with us.  Now that we have finished with our customer orders for 2013 we are gearing up for 2014 and having some fun working on person projects.  So stayed tuned for those pictures.  Happy Friday to all of you!

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