Monday, December 9, 2013

Featherweight sewing machine, just the best thing to have.

This is my (Kim) Singer Featherweight sewing machine, it was one of 30,000 that was manufactured on October 28, 1947.  I purchased it a few years ago at a local church thrift store, I was lucky that my friend found it and called me about it.  This past summer it was finally serviced, it needed a new belt and there was a mess of thread inside of the machine.  Today is the first day I have used it making pillow cases.  Let's just say it has a beautiful stitch.  The only problem I have is making sure to put the presser foot down, my other machine automatically goes down.  But, my Featherweight is quieter than my other machine.  Late night sewing might be in the future.

JK Quilt Campers were asked to make pillow cases for a local nursing home Alzheimer's unit.  As you know Jackie completed hers last month.  Here are mine, which are due tomorrow.  Hopefully they will bright the rooms for our new friends.  Special thanks to our friends who helped us make these, unsure of how many have been made, but will let you know.  We hope to have 30, one for everyone.

Tonight we are both picking up a quilt from the long arm quilters and I can't wait to show you the final results.  Check back soon.

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