Saturday, September 28, 2013

As ye sew, so shall ye rip...

The posting title is so true for us today.  Last February when I (Kim) went to Quilt Con in Austin, TX there was a waitress that had "As ye sew, so shall ye rip", tattooed on her arm.  I thought it was a great tattoo for a quilter/sewer and said if I ever got one, this would be it.  No, Jackie, I am not getting a tattoo.  I am also the one that always makes sure there are seam rippers by our machines, because if they are there you probably won't have to use them.

Well today we worked on the Raugh Quilt, our current client.  One section (see below) was ripped out by Jackie once and me twice.  Yes, the third time is the charmed.  So it is very unusual that we are sharing a project this early.  We always post the final products, but friends have been telling us to share photos of ongoing projects.  What do you think?  Our first purple project.

So this memorial quilt is being made as a present for a daughter using her father's shirts, a pair of underwear, and a letter-mans sweater.  This is our first sweater in a project and not sure if we will consider another sweater at this point.  But there is always tomorrow.  I always say yes we can include that and Jackie just rolls her eyes at me.  If you ever were allowed to watch our process we are the "Duck Dynasty" of quilting.  But it works for us.

Tomorrow is another sewing day for us, where we will finish the interior top, plan the border, and of course Sunday dinner.

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