Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gentlemen start your engines.

Today we delivered another quilt using racing t-shirts.  We added a checkered border for a winning effect.  I know we say each quilt is a new favorite, but this one has some great t-shirt silk screens.  This one kept us on our toes, because it needed to me a certain size quilt (twin/full), but the print on the t-shirts are very large designs.  Shirts were cut 16" squares or 16" x 18" to finish size.

The quilting was completed by Kathy's Kreations using a race car design.  I don't think a caution flag will show up on this quilt.  Can we say amazing?  Do you have a racing fan in your life?  This is a great way to keep your t-shirts.

The quilt was made for Mr. McLean who is working on an extravagant man cave decorating with a a racing theme.  He is considering using the quilt as a wall hanging.  We hope you like your quilt, because we enjoyed making it for you.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Time to deliver another one.

We have finished a quilt for Juanita, Jackie's Mother-in-Law.  This quilt uses t-shirts representing her travels and things she has done, a bucket list quilt.  The ribbon border makes this quilt girly, and using pink and greens.  Let's hope Juanita likes it.

What do you think?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to Percy.

We made a quilt for my (Kim) nephew's 50th Birthday.  The quilt was made with his t-shirts from t-ball, football, high-school senior shirt, umpire shirts, and part of a baseball hat that span his lifetime so far.  Last night was his party, I think Percy liked his quilt, and he was surprised with his gift.  His Mom, my sister really liked it since she asked us to make it for him.  We kept her in the dark about the final design.  The pattern is a version of attic windows, but I have been calling it cuby holes.

Percy's Birthday Quilt

On the back of the quilt, the white square will be used by his friends and family to sign at this birthday party, another remembrance to have.

The back of Percy's Birthday Quilt

I hope that he will like it and cherish it, because he means a lot to me.

The label from Percy's Quilt.