Sunday, July 28, 2013

Get ready, set, go...

Another quilting day in Charleston, South Carolina.  Today Jackie and I (Kim) started and completed our "Sew Modern - original block of the month" blocks for People, Places and Quilts.  It is a local quilt shop in Summerville and the owner, Diane C. Frankenberger, challenged the Charleston Modern Quilt Guild to create a quilt, any size, using the current block of the month program.  There were only four packets of fabric to make 3 blocks each month.  How do I explain this without being confusing.  There are a total of 12 blocks and each block will contain 1 to 12 pieces within the block for that month.  So, the first block contains 1 piece of fabric (the red square), block two has 2 pieces of fabric (the blue and green half-square), the third block is made up of 3 pieces, and etc. You get the picture, right.

So we made all twelve of our blocks and we need to figure out what kind of setting and quilting we want to complete them.  At this time, we are planning to quilt them ourselves, yes all by our selves.  We thought of different settings today, but I am not going to tell you our plans (don't want our competition taking our ideas, you know).  So wish us luck and hope we can finish this by October.  We will let you know when you can see our quilts at People, Places and Quilts shop.

Have a great week.

Kim's blocks are on the left and Jackie's are on the right.

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