Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A great moment today...

Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Oklahoma.

Today  we delivered the Johnson quilt, to celebrate a graduation of a very special girl.  Mrs. Johnson was very pleased over the final results.  It is always nice when clients LOVE their quilts and compliment the work.  (Patting ourselves on the back at this time).  This is one of our favorites so far (but we say that after each quilt we make).  The blue batik and sour apple green from Kona Cotton is perfect for the shirts.

Johnson Quilt

Special thanks to our friend Margaret letting us have a photo op in her home.  Here are the labels from the back of the quilt:

Johnson label

Yes, we have our very own Quirky Quilt care labels.  Thanks to blogs and Pinterest that will show you how to create everything you can imagine.  Yes, a very good day.  Happy Graduation Cara!

For the next few days, twenty-two of our closest friends will be joining us for JK Quilt Camp 2013 on Seabrook Island.  Jackie and I (Kim) are hoping to get some blocks completed for our Sweet Tea and Butter Beans quilt.  I purchased Jen Kingwell's book, "Green Tea and Sweet Beans" quilt pattern during Quilt Con 2013.  A group of us are making it and decided to rename it, since we are from the south.  "Sweet tea, house wine of the South".

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