Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sewing Sunday...

We started at noon and we got two confetti blocks completed for Sandy.  Sandy provided all of the fabric to be used and we are going to let her size them down to 14 1/2 inches when she gets them.  They took a little longer than we thought they would.  I think she will have a wonderful quilt

April 2013 Swap blocks for Sandy

Jackie's baby quilt is completed.  Isn't it cute.  The colors are orange and purple, the couples favorite colors and their college colors.  Did you guess Clemson University, if so you are correct.  This pattern is Baby Bricks, designed by Tracey Kincheloe.  Leon and Patricia Hopkins quilted the top using a quilting pattern called "splash" and it turned out precious.  All that's left to do is the label and wait for the new baby girl to show up.

Baby Girl Quilt 

Whew!  Time to get ready for work in the morning.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oh my goodness, gracious, it's about time...

Yes, it has been some time between postings.  Life has gotten in the way, as it usually does and time gets away from you.  We have been busy working, quilting, and going to QuiltCon 2013 in Austin, TX.  If you have been following us, do you call us quilters since we make quilt tops, but have someone else to quilt our tops to complete the projects?  Jackie and I have been having this discussion with non-quilters-they think we are sewers-not quilters.  But we love purchasing fabrics, cutting out blocks to sew into quilt.  Then moving onto the next project.  What kind of quilter are you?  Leave us a comment below.

Let's talk about QuiltCon 2013, it was fun and no one in our group has a tattoo from the trip.  It is amazing to be with others who are doing what they love.  Whether it's their job or a hobby-enjoy your life.  The shopping, classes and lectures were wonderful.  I was lucky enough to take a round robin improv class with Sheri Lynn Wood.  No rulers allowed and you really think outside the box. Make some plans to attend the 2015 show.

Our latest creation was delivered to Catherine this morning.  We used her son's shirts from the Citadel (The Military College here in Charleston, SC).  Jackie and I made cobblestone blocks to complete the quilt in white, shades of blues and grays.

A Quilt for Chris with much love from his Mother.  To remind him of his college days at the Citadel.

One of my favorite parts of this quilt is the oxford shirt in the left bottom corner.  Catherine asked us to use this shirt and include the buttons.  And we had her to personalize the quilt label to record why the quilt was made, for who and by Quirky Quilts.  Here is a close up:

Tonight we had a meeting with our next client who is graduating from the 5th grade in June.  So we are going to work with blue and sour apple green.  We will show you the quilt when it is finished.  This weekend will be doing one of our sewing Sundays.  We plan to work on the Charleston Modern Quilt Guild block swap, a confetti block for our friend Sandy.  Jackie has a binding to put on a baby quilt for her cousin.  And we have some friendship star blocks to make for another.  Can we say busy?