Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you.  Jackie and I are getting ready for Christmas.  Jackie as usual has only a few gifts left to wrap, while I still need to go shopping.  As you can see our site has a new logo.  Our friend Natalie designed it for us.  It is using our favorite colors.

Recently, our sewing group had a cutting out party using an Accuquilt Cutter using the Winding Ways template. Our friend Nancy (who owns the cutter) has already started sewing on her blocks of brown and cream.  Mary Kate used all brights and fabric with umbrellas for the borders.  Jackie of course used her favorite colors of teal, adding splashes of green, coral, and cream.  I will be using different reds, creams, and whites for my quilt.  The cutter has made this block very easy with notches to match the pieces together for sewing.  And, American Patchwork & Quilt Magazine has the directions on how to put it together in their February 2013 issue in blue and whites.  What a great coincidence it that?  We will share our projects once we get going on them.

Usually our group celebrates the holidays by meeting up at one of our local quilt shop for their holiday party and then go out to lunch.  It is a great way to have some time together and to catch up with each other.  It is so important to reach out to each other.  To just take some time to listen to our friends.  So pick up the phone and plan a get together.

In the upcoming months we will be sharing new t-shirt quilts with you.  So if you are looking for a perfect gift for a loved one or yourself.  Get your t-shirts together and contact us.  A quilt makes a wonderful gift, especially made with keepsakes from your best memories.

Again, Happy Holidays and if you have the time, drop us a line about how your and your quilt friends get together.

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